18 May 2011

Gearing up for Quilt National

QNI’m so excited!  The opening of Quilt National is just over a week away.  I can’t wait to go and see the show.  And I will be honest, I’m looking forward to seeing my own work displayed at the Dairy Barn Art Center.  It’s hard to believe I began working on that quilt nearly two years ago!

Stay Tuned - I’ll be sharing photos after the QN Opening.  But if you’d like a sneak peek at my exhibition quilt, check out the Dairy Barn’s website under “Exhibitions”.  Right next to the description of Quilt National 2011 -- that’s my Dandelion!

If you wont be able to make it to Athens, Ohio to see this show in person, the exhibition catalog can be purchased through the Dairy Barn’s website:

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