26 April 2011

New Work - Artifact: Cassette


Ah, those old mix tapes… I remember trying to tape songs off the radio as a kid.  Now we don’t even own a radio or stereo.  And cassettes?  My kids wouldn’t even recognize this thing if they saw it.  Who needs tape when you have ipods and mp3 players?

So the 4th in the artifact series is almost done, but I have the idea to use thin black satin ribbon as the tape - making it come out of the cassette in a tangle.  Remember how that tape would sometimes get wrapped around the inside of a tape player, and you’d have to wind it back in using a barrette or a pen, turning those little toothy gears?  Good times…

I just have to locate the right size ribbon and I’ll probably sew that on by hand.  But I don’t have much time if I’m going to have these ready for The ART BAZAAR!

This week I’ll be busy finishing the final touches and framing/labeling/pricing all the work to be hung on May 4th.  More info on the Art Bazaar exhibition/art sale:

Hope you have a chance to see the show!



  1. We had a box full of these that we finally bit the bullet and tossed out a couple of years ago. The only ones we saved were the tapes that had my husband's old rock band recordings. I'm not sure we have a device around here to even play them!


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