22 April 2011

Fun with Sharpies and Egg Dye

Happy Earth Day Everyone! 

And to all who believe, Happy Easter, Ridvan or Passover.   Its that time of year when you celebrate Spring by coloring eggs with bright, unnatural colors… I’m not sure where the tradition started but who am I to question? EggsSM

So what do you do with the eggs that turn out kind of, shall we say, less than pretty?  Let’s say someone (Not naming names!) went a little overboard to see how many colors she could dunk the egg into.  And then let’s say instead of being cool and marbled, the egg ended up looking like some kind of gray mutant alien egg.  Hypothetically.

It looks like an oval meteorite next to all these bright colorful eggs that the 4 and 6 year old made like experts.  I’ll tell you what I did… waited until the kids left and then broke out the Sharpie markers, extra fine.

I just started doodling, starting with the eggs that didn’t have great color.  Then I moved onto more because it was so much fun!  The results are a mix of wonky Ukrainian-inspired patterns and freehand sketches.  Not bad.  I’m kinda proud of the drawing of an Iris on the purple one.

I hope you are all enjoying some time with family and loved ones this weekend, and maybe finding some fun ways to express your creativity!


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  1. By the way, this does not work if you refrigerate the eggs first. The condensation & cold makes it impossible to draw on. HOWEVER, if you want an easier option, sharpies work great on plastic eggs. And they are cheap so you can experiment! :-)


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