04 April 2011

“Artifact: Film”

Number 3 in the Artifact series, “Film” is finished.   I was one of those people that hung on to my manual camera long after digital cameras came on the scene.  I loved the control I had with my Canon; I’d used it all through high school and college and I just couldn’t get used to those little point-and-shoot cameras.  How could this thing the size of a deck of cards take decent pictures? 


But then I had my first child.  I didn’t have time to sit there and manually focus the camera as my son was scooting across the floor.  I gave in and bought a cheap point & shoot just so I could catch him in action. 

But like most technological advances, once I got used to the quicker, easier, clearer photos of digital, my manual camera got shelved. I still have it.  Every once in a while I find a random roll of 35mm film in a drawer or suitcase.  It’s fun to get it developed just to see what’s on there.

But now it’s harder to find a place where they know how to develop film, especially the one hour places that treat everyone’s film like McDonald’s treats burgers.  You’re pretty much at the mercy of whatever settings their machines are set to.  So you could get pictures that look great or look like they were taken under water, you never know.  I guess it makes sense to use film if you do your own developing and can manipulate the results.  But I can do that on my PC with digital photos, with no fumes or expensive equipment.  Which is why my beloved 35mm film is now an artifact of the past.



  1. Great website, Kate! I love your Artifact series. May be one day the iPad will be considered as an artifact!

  2. Great website! Love it...oh, and, of course, I love Show Off.

  3. Congratulations Benedicte - For being the first comment you win a box of greeting cards in the "Thank you for visiting my new website" promotion!
    Thank you BOTH for the positive feedback :-)

  4. It always amazes me the way you can take something as mundane as a roll of film and turn it into a fabulous work of art.

    Your new website looks terrific!

  5. I actually have the "outdated" iPad (original version). Now that iPad 2 is out, I guess mine is old news. LOL

  6. Kate, the blog and website look great! I really like your profile image on the FB page too. The page stopped working when I was on it, but I'll try to "like" it later.

  7. Wonderful walk down memory lane, not just the new artifact series, but so much of your work that I have seen evolve over the years.

  8. Bravo on your new series, and your new website, and your new news... goodness! You have been busy!


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