29 March 2011

Work in Progress – Artifact: Telephone

Next up in the Artifact series… the good ol’ telephone. 

I remember using this exact model “back in the day” only ours was the color of wood putty.  It weighed about 5 pounds and did nothing but ring and make phone calls.  No call waiting, no voicemail, no caller ID.  You never thought about where you left it.  It was always in the same place.  You had to go TO the phone to use it.


We had one phone in the house; the springy cord gave you about a 6 foot walking radius if you stretched it out… not quite enough to talk alone in my room.   I don’t know how many times the phone fell off its stand because someone stretched the cord too far.  That thing would dent the floor before it suffered a scratch – it was indestructible.  God forbid it ever fell on your foot!

This was back when phones had one purpose – for people to talk to each other.  Dial a number and see if anyone picked up the other end.  If you called someone and they were already on the phone you got a busy signal and had to call back later.  If they didn’t answer, again you had to call back later to try your luck.  If you left your house to live your life, you couldn’t call anyone or get any calls.  These are quaint stories of the past. 

The photo shown here is Artifact: Telephone at the end of “Phase 1”.  That means all the fabrics are in place and it’s ready to stitch.  Stay tuned for updates & photos of the finished piece soon.

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  1. Love this series- and do remember the old phones- and you are right- they had one purpose that amazingly now- most people do NOT do on their phones~!


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