05 March 2011

New Work for SAQA Auction: “GottaHavaCuppa”


This 12” square is my contribution for SAQA’s 2011 Benefit Auction.  The idea for “GottaHavaCuppa” (thanks Debbie Bein for the title!) was inspired by something my 6 yr old said recently.  He told my husband “Don’t ask Mommy to play when she just wakes up.  You have to wait until after she drinks her coffee.”  HA HA!  Funny, and yet completely accurate.

I’m sort of making fun of myself by creating an intimate portrait of my morning coffee.  There’s really no deep emotional meaning to it, other than my love of fresh coffee and the familiar white dishes and blue & brown color scheme of my kitchen.  It makes me feel happy, so hopefully it will appeal to auction buyers too.

I had a bit of silk organza left over from “Onions” so I used it for the steam.  And the fabrics for the cup & saucer are scraps from “After the Wake”.  I just have to add a binding and hanging sleeve and it will be ready to ship – I might even make it by the Early Bird Deadline, which would be a first!!

GottaHavaCuppa_SMDetail (Detail, “GottaHavaCuppa”)


  1. It's wonderful, Kate. I'm sure people are going to say, "IGottaHaveThis Quilt."

  2. Kate - this is absolutely great. I love the gradations that you have created in the cup and how you have portrayed the steam.


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