21 March 2011

A Look into my Home Studio

Today was the last day to enter the FiberArts Readers’ Choice Studio Contest, so it was a great motivation to finally clean up my studio! I’m stuck inside today anyway so might as well do something useful.

Ahhh…. I love an organized room…. I better enjoy it while it lasts!

Since I needed to take photos for the contest, I thought I’d share some of them with anyone who’s interested. So here’s where the magic happens….

Themel_sewingarea_SMThe first photo is my sewing area, where I spend the greatest amount of time. When we converted our basement into a playroom and studio, I made sure to keep at least one window.. even if it is tiny. I just like being able to see a bit of the world outside.

I really love my studio, or as my kids call it “Mom’s Playroom”. All the desks & tables are on castor wheels, so I can customize the space depending on the project. Although I still end up doing a lot of work on the floor.


This gigantic shelf system is from IKEA. It is over 6ft x 6ft and weighs a ton!! Luckily its supported by a concrete floor. The full spectrum florescent lights are essential for choosing colors and putting compositions together. But I have 3 incandescent lights hanging over my sewing machine. I just find the warmer, softer light is easier on my eyes when I’m working on the detail stitching for hours on end.



Here’s the work sink that was in the basement when we started (very convenient!) and laundry area. I added a little curtain to hide the pipes and storage area under the sink. On top of the rolling desk (right side of sink) is a big portable ironing surface, about 26” x 36”. I have the iron out all day while I’m working on a project but somehow I never seem to get our clothes pressed. :-) Gee, must have slipped my mind…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief tour of my fiber art studio. Feel free to leave a comment or question, if you are thinking about building a home studio.

If you’re interested in entering the FiberArts Studio contest, it's easy and free to enter. Hurry, the deadline is TODAY! Just upload a few images of your studio and fill out the simple online entry form at


  1. I love your studio, and I love how organized it is. I know it's hard to keep it that way, but doesn't organization help in the artistic process? Oh, I wish...

  2. You're right! It helps to know where everything is and have stuff within reach. Also, it's nice that I'm not stepping on my ruler and rotary cutters. :-)


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