08 January 2011

Work in Progress: “Kosljun”

Themel_Kosljun_SMThis is the 3rd in the Croatia series: inspired by the Monastery at Kosljun, a tiny island in the Adriatic Sea, near Pag Island.  I'm really enjoying the precision required for this piece - using a ruler and drawing lines of perspective. It lets me use the mathematical part of my brain. 

Kosljun_SMWhen we visited the monastery there were potted plants and flowers everywhere (photo, right).  Right now I’ve blocked most of the big areas of color and gotten the general architecture in place.  But I prefer the simple brown & blue color pallet.  It does seem a bit stark & cold but for me the exaggerated contrast works with the piece – crisp lines, archways, marble. 

The finished piece will be slightly “softened” as I add some sketchy quilting lines and texture for the weathered stones. 

As I add more details in the next few days I’ll test out some greens & see whether it works or distracts from the overall composition.

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