24 January 2011

The ONIONS are back… Stick a fork in them, they’re DONE!

So I waited and waited to see if my "Onions & Garlic" would start to appeal to me. But they were still bugging me!

This week I took a drastic step. No, I didn't cut the piece up, as I had been considering doing. I decided that would not solve the problem. The problem was the onions’ skin. It just was not looking right. It was too flat and everything was too orange, if such a thing is possible.

In my obsessive way, for the past week I have been studying and observing real onions, up close. Their skins are semi transparent, but brittle. So there are all these little breaks and tears in the skin, revealing a deeper color inside. I could not think of anything that would imitate the flaky brittleness of the skin, but I found silk organza that reminded me of their translucence.

In an act of desperation, I gave the onions one more go. First, I cut down the Angelina fibers – they were too shiny and distracting.  Then I covered all my hard-earned layers of bright orange with sheer white organza. Then shredded and cut slices out of the organza to reveal an approximation of onion skin. The result is something I can live with, even if I’m not in love with it.


So here it is, "ONIONS". I dropped the “garlic” from the title because no one could really tell what they were anyway and the purple mostly serves as background. The organza mutes the color but that turns out to be closer to an onion's real color anyway.

At this point, I feel okay about displaying the final piece.   It works as a composition and the shimmery organza adds some pizzazz while toning down the overwhelming orange.   We’ll see what kind of reception it gets from the viewing public pretty soon.

Come to the Funky Monkey in February if you’d like to see it up close.  :-)

OnionsDetail_finished_SM (Detail)


  1. Good enough to eat. Hey, I'm out of onions, maybe I'll just pop down to the studio and pull a few from..... Whoops, organza isn't all that appetizing when it gets stuck in your teeth...

    Nice Job, Kate!


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