14 January 2011

New Work for SAQA Trunk Show

Themel_LukasEyes_SM My little baby is 6 years old today!

… and the inspiration for this 9x9 quilt “Luka’s Eyes”, my submission to SAQA’s 2011/2012 Trunk Show. 

Both my sons were blessed with long eyelashes and big gorgeous eyes.  I’m not just saying that!  :-)

But Luka’s eyes have this striking color.  The right one is all blue and the left is a rare and beautiful combination of half brown/half blue.

I chose solid fabrics in shades of gray for the face, and used only colored thread for the eyes.

You can see a detail photo of the two-toned eye, below.



  1. Wow, Kate, this is just beautiful in so many way! Beautiful, beautiful threadwork and delicate fabric transitions! Happy Birthday to your son. What a lovely remembrance:)

  2. Oh, how much we love our children, they will never know... until they look into the eyes of their own babies and fall in love themselves...

  3. Your piece blows me away...I so wish I could call my submission back and start all over again!

  4. This is so fabulous. Your work is stunning!


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