08 December 2010

Work in Progress: Garlic & Onions

The common beginning to all great meals!


Work in progress: “Garlic & Onions”, estimated size: 14” x 60” when finished.  Here is a photo of the top, not quilted.   It is the first in a planned series of “Slices”. 

The composition is based on a narrow slice of one of my photos of an open air market in Croatia.  And, no they don’t have purple garlic and bright orange & pink onions over there.  I guess I’m in some kind of phase where I make things way more colorful than they need to be.   This one borders on the abstract, but I have enough reference points in reality to keep me happy.

For me it captures the “flavor” (pardon the pun) of our times in Croatia – I don’t know why things always taste better when you’re on vacation.  Or maybe there’s something in the soil over there that makes the food so incredible.

Olive oil, onions and garlic are really the foundation of almost every meal we ate there.   But to really get an idea of our favorite Croatian food experiences, I will have to do a quilt along the lines of “Love Letter to Perfect Bread”.  

I’m getting hungry now!


  1. Making me hungry, too. It's a terrific piece as usual. I look forward to seeing it quilted. I don't know why, but when you talked about your slice quilts I thought they would be vertical. Do you plan to hang them all together at some point?

  2. Thanks Norma,
    I plan to make at least 2 more. Hopefully they will look good together. The next one is a bunch of Calla Lilies.
    Stay Tuned, I finished the quilting & will have a photo soon.


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