15 December 2010

Onions & Garlic – finished?


The quilting is done on “Onions & Garlic”. At least it is for now. I’m not completely convinced this is the best it can be. After a few disastrous experiments with organza and embroidery thread, I decided to use Angelina fibers for the onions’ stringy roots. Hmmmm… just not sure. I’ll let it sit a few days and come back to it.

Otherwise, I enjoyed doing the quilting on this one. I used several colors of thread, scribbling and meandering on top of other colors. I still may go back and add more quilting & add more detail later.


Stay tuned… Next up: Calla Lilies!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. I'm impressed that you have another idea at the ready. Here I am in the studio....reading blogs ;^(


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