08 November 2010

Update: “Lemme See!” is Complete

TelescopeUnquilted_BLOGSo here it was at the point where it was ready to be quilted. Lately I’m leaving more "open" space. Meaning, I don’t add as many small pieces of fabric to create all the variations of color and shading. Once I have enough broad color to work with, I typically fill in the rest with thread. It's always a question of how simple can I make it before it loses impact?

I find it helpful to take photos during the process. That way I can view them on a screen at a much smaller size (pretending I'm seeing it from far away). I can usually tell if the picture is getting across, and whether or not adding more pieces will add to the overall composition. 

After viewing this photo and getting feedback from some family members, I removed a lot of the dark shadow under Luka’s chin.  It looked too much like a beard – not really appropriate for a 5 year old.

So now the fun part….  I quilted it within an inch of its life as usual. 

Then I used free motion quilting to “draw” in our favorite places and familiar haunts in Croatia.  The detail below depicts a view from St. Mary’s belfry on Rab Island, from our most recent trip.

The  background is filled with the typical geography of the Croatian coastline: smooth stones instead of sand, long horizon with hints of islands in the distance.

Overall I’m very happy with the final piece.




  1. Oh, YES! You should be happy with's wonderful!

  2. It's fantastic! When I saw the detail I said "I was there". I'd like to see the rest.

  3. Thanks Norma :-)
    I love that you can recognize the place through my quilt and remember your time there.
    The other scenes are from Krasica, Bakar, Malinska, Rijeka and Opatija. I'll have the whole Croatia collection on display this February at the Funky Monkey in Cheshire. Hope you can come to see it!


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