18 November 2010

“Boatman” is going to UK

I’m thrilled to announce: my art quilt Boatman Sketch has been selected to tour with “SAQA: Beyond Comfort”!   Curated by Eileen Doughty, the show will premiere at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England in August 2011

Themel_BoatmanSketchThis exhibit challenges each artist to venture into uncharted territories of creative expression by turning away from the comfort zones of their established body of work. It provides a "permission slip" to experiment fearlessly with radically new conceptual and narrative agendas; to employ techniques, technologies, or materials. The artistic goal of the exhibition is to encourage reaching beyond comfort to make new and unexpected works of art.

Juror Marci Rae McDade selected 30 quilts out of 209 submitted.  I’m happy to say that two friends & fellow SAQA members will be included as well: Diane Wright and Martha Wolfe

The next step is to take catalog-quality photos, add a hanging sleeve on the back and ship it to the show organizers.   Starting from Birmingham in August 2011, the show will travel for about a year.

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  1. It's a beauty! Congrats on your acceptance into such a prestigious show.

  2. Congratulation, Kate! QN, Beyond Comfort....hmmm one wonders what else you have entered;^)


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