06 October 2010

Sneak Peek

I made a lot of progress on “Valbiska-Lopar Ferry Porthole” this week.   Gotta come up with a better title!

Porthole_unquilted (2)As I was studying the photo and trying to sketch it out, I noticed that the circle is not a perfect circle and the composition is not quite symmetrical.  Hmmm, it could work.

I also found there is a lot of slate blue/ steel gray/ washed-out jeans kind of colors in this picture.   At first I almost put the project aside…who wants to see that much dull cloudy gray?  But I found some batiks that were in the right color family and too pretty not to use.  So there you go.

I also realized that the chipped & rusty paint around the porthole is my favorite part… more interesting than the view through it.  And somehow the orange rust makes all that gray/blue acceptable.

So now Stage 1: "broad strokes of color” = complete.   Here’s a partial look at it.

Next up: My favorite part – free motion quilting it, scribbling in more rusty details, adding ripples in the water…  Fun!!

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  1. I like your new title! It evokes a narrative. Nice. Diane


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