04 October 2010

New Work: “Boatman Sketch”

DSCN2045My entry for "SAQA: Beyond Comfort".   The theme of this show is experimentation.  Artists are asked to create something outside their normal style.  

(I just finished the online entry process. Not bad for me... 6 days before the entry deadline!)

The back-story on this piece: 
Boatman Sketch was inspired by a photo my brother took last year. 

I will be teaching a class on free motion machine quilting, so I had to come up with an 8x10 example to demonstrate each lesson.

One of the lessons is on thread "drawing". I decided to see how far I could push that. What if I drew an entire picture with free hand quilting stitches?  My sewing machine became a substitute for charcoal pencil.  But since I can't press harder/softer on the charcoal to create dark & light lines, I used different shades of thread.

Here is the final piece. It’s on satin brocade fabric, which is shiny and a little hard to photograph.  I chose satin because the original photo has a cool sense of light & I was trying to capture some of that.
I'll include a detail too. Keep in mind the whole thing is only the size of a standard sheet of paper, so these stitches are REALLY small.

It was an interesting experiment but I'm not sure if I will attempt a larger one.  My eyes are bugging now. :-)


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  1. I LIKE it! I think I'll post my submission too...I also posted mine yesterday. Six days early is unheard of for me ;^)


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