18 October 2010

“Big Dandy” is going to Quilt National!!!

Oh my gosh I am SO excited, and I just can’t hold it in any longer.  I have to share the joy…

My quilt “Dandelion” was chosen to be exhibited in Quilt National 2011!!  This piece took me almost a year to complete, and measures 33 x 49.   It is in my personal style, raw edge appliqué with lots of colors and small pieces, covered in obsessive machine quilting.  As you might have guessed, the image is inspired by a dandelion plant. 

You won’t find my usual work-in-progress pictures of this one.  I’m sorry that I can’t share photos yet; QN rules prevent any images of selected work from being published before the show.  You can bet I’m not going to do anything to get kicked out now.   So you’ll have to wait until May 28, 2011 to get a glimpse!  After that you can order the QN ‘11 catalog, visit the show, or wait until I get back and I’ll post it online.

Last week was a little nerve racking, because I had to ship the quilt to The Dairy Barn Arts Center in Ohio for final approval & so QN can photograph it for the catalog.  I received confirmation that it arrived safely and met with approval from the organizers.  (Whew!!) Wow, I still didn’t believe it until I looked on their website and saw my name listed.


The exhibition runs from May 28 – September 5, 2011.  Some of the pieces will be selected to continue on with their traveling exhibition through 2013.

The Dairy Barn Arts Center
8000 Dairy Lane
Athens, OH 45701

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  1. I am SO thrilled for you!!!! It's a GORGEOUS piece. I think you might have a trip to Ohio in your future. ;^)


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