16 September 2010

Weighing Options


So here I am.  Asking myself “Who am I now?” and “What do I want?” not to mention “Is it true that life begins at 40?”

Sometimes there are so many possibilities you can become frozen.  I would call it a classic identity crisis – but crisis is not the right word.  I don’t feel worried or lost, in fact I feel quite peaceful here in my own personal limbo.  Maybe rather than a Crisis, I’ll call it an “Identity Pause Button”?  Not sure where I’m going with this obviously, but I’m enjoying the process. 

Now I’m attempting to interpret this strange time in a quilt for the “Identity” exhibition of fiber art at Windsor Art Center.   

One thing I know is that I am an artist at heart and I want to make it a career.  But how do I translate that into a practical plan?  Earning a living as an artist: should I concentrate on teaching? get an agent to sell my work, try to market myself with a signature style?  Sell how-to books, update my website into a full fledged online store?  See – too many possibilities! 

KThemel_WeighingOptionsDetailBLOGThat’s why my Identity quilt is a bit of a jumble – it has a rough order to it but pieces are overlapping and not quite structured.  Things are kind of floating out there.   The working title is Weighing the Options.   Here’s a sneak peak (photos are work in progress).  In the quilting lines are words and pictures that have meaning to me – they represent my perception of myself now, and who I could be.  I have more to add; will post a final photo when it’s done.  Just trying to sort my thoughts for now.  Hopefully I can get my life’s vision or at least my quilt vision in focus before the entry deadline!

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