15 September 2010

Starting a New THREAD

This year my older son started High School and the younger one started Kindergarten.  As I watched the school bus drive away I had this weird feeling… like my mommy job has been downgraded from full-time to part-time.   Something has definitely shifted – the baby days are over.  One part of me feels old and nostalgic; the other part feels like a kid graduating from college, full of ideas and setting out to find a job. 

But since kindergarten is only 3 hours a day, I still feel tied to the stay at home role for one more year.  This is like a ‘pass’ year.  It’s an in-between.   I’m here for the kids when they’re home.  But I also have a bit of freedom in the day to be alone.  Next year when they’re both in school all day, I will be faced with the new weekday reality.  I can’t justify the title Stay at Home Mom when there’s no one home with me for 6 – 7 hours.  There will be enough space in my day for a full time job.  So what should that job be?

This year is a blessing.  It’s like a time-out so I can think and plan the next move.  I fully realize that not  everyone has the luxury of choice, especially in this economy.  For some people, choosing to pursue a career as a professional artist may seem selfish or even stupid.  But I believe in that old expression, something like Do what you love and the money will follow…

So I’ve decided to make a career in art.  Full Time.  Part of that means I’ll have to pay more attention to the practical business of making art… treat it like a “real job”. 

First step is to use my 3 hours a day as my regular working hours.  That means studio time EVERY day!  (I’m yelling at myself here, not you innocent readers). 

At least once a week I’ll update the blog.  Why have a blog if it’s going to just sit there unchanged?  That’s what a website is for!  And I already have one of those.  :-) Okay, so I’ve decided to chronicle the year via blog.   Writing helps me clarify my thoughts anyway.  Hopefully as time goes on I’ll zero in on a solid plan for the future.

Realization 1:  My life is a complicated balance of individual and family priorities.  However, this blog is dedicated to my own artistic journey.  Other than being the catalyst for artistic expression, I’ll keep my family stuff out of my posts.

Realization 2: It’s time to go to the bus stop, so my studio time is up.  Man, these days are shorter than I thought!  Note to self: Work on Efficiency.


  1. Been there... doing that... It is amazing that we get anything done at all with children home! Use this year to explore and grow, and don't do housework in those precious three hours!!!

  2. I needed to hear that. Thanks for the support, Vivika!


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