22 September 2010

“Options” is complete!

DSCN1987As promised, I am posting my Wednesday check-in.  The short & sweet news: Weighing the Options is complete – with the exception of the binding.  Still debating what to do with that; I’m testing out different colors or considering folding the edges toward the back with no binding at all.

The free-motion quilting on this project was so much fun.  It was almost like stream-of-consciousness journal writing.  Some of the images I admit I drew on water soluble stabilizer first and then used them as a template to sew on the lines.  Okay, I couldn’t sew the O’Brien Coat of Arms just freehand on the machine, so sue me!  :-)

Inspired by my Celtic heritage and its mythology, I included the coiled serpent, representing transformation and untapped power.  And the twin salmon representing wisdom and longevity.  (detail photos below).  Other symbols are straight forward like the scissors and thread and the clock.

But most of the writing within the meandering stitches were random thoughts that occurred to me in the moment.   It was so therapeutic – like meditation.  Some of my ‘note to self’ messages include stuff like “be kind” and “get more sleep” and “roll with the punches”.  The more I stitched, the calmer I became.  Too bad I ran out of room….  maybe I’ll have to start another journal quilt.   But that is another topic for another day.KThemel_WeighingOptionsDetailBLOG5 KThemel_WeighingOptionsDetailBLOG4


  1. The stitching is TO DIE FOR!! It's wonderful, Kate.

  2. Ah, Kate, please don't change a thing about yourself. You are such a talented person and your work is amazing. I love this quilt! I will be checking in weekly to see your blog. It is so worth reading.

  3. Hi Kate,
    What a wonderful piece. I love it from a distance and even more when seen close up. You are very inspiring

  4. Thank you for the support, everyone!


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