20 September 2010

Hidden Messages

Weighing the Options is coming along nicely.  Working on the final quilting now.  I’ll probably just finish it in time for the deadline, but what else is new?KThemel_WeighingOptionsDetailBLOG3 

Here’s something that has emerged while I’ve been sewing…  I realized that I don’t believe in the term “Reinvent Yourself”.  Reinvent?  What am I, the bionic woman?  Stronger, Faster, Better!   Yeah, I wish.

IF I could reinvent myself, I’d definitely make me out of some kind of non-wrinkle, fat resistant, indestructible material with UV protection.  I’d add cool features too, like X-ray Vision, Mind Reading and Time Travel.   Maybe I’d even make myself taller!  But the truth is, I’ve got to work with what’s already here. 

What I do believe in is “Recognizing the truth about yourself”.  I don’t think people change who they are.  Not really, not their true selves.  But there are many facets to each person.  Some character traits shine all the time; others nervously shuffle around the back of our minds forever, others burst out during a crisis and surprise everyone.  

So all is not lost.  I can only be who I am…  BUT maybe I don’t know everything about myself yet. KThemel_WeighingOptionsDetailBLOG2

Trying to define my identity has put me into a maze of self reflection.   So as I stitch the quilting lines, I’m writing a few “messages” to myself with thread.  Some things that I want to remember as I go through the  process (Details, right)  Trying to decide ‘who to be’ – maybe it would be better to find out what I like about the person who’s already here… nurture those traits. 

I guess I’ve matured past the fantasy of being someone else, or inventing a new Me.   Besides, what would I do with the old me?

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