14 July 2010

Nope, guess I haven’t learned…

Themel_OdeToKissDetailWell I managed to get “Ode to a Kiss” on its way to the Whistler House Museum of Art just under the wire.  Once again I had to pay for rush shipping, but it should be there tomorrow (the deadline for deliveries is July 15).  

Since I finished this quilt in 2008 it’s hard to believe I couldn’t get it to Lowell much earlier!

In my defense, it did take a long time to figure out how to ship a wooden dowel along with it – the quilt is 46” wide and a hanging dowel needed to be 44” long.   Kind of an awkward box to mail.  Mailing tubes were just a little too narrow.  The quilt is like 5 feet long so I couldn’t roll it tight enough to fit the tube.  By July 12th I was starting to panic.  

PaintHandlesBut then my engineer husband came up with a brilliant plan!  We used wooden dowel extenders (see photo, left).   We used 3 extension handles; sawed off the end to get the correct length & smoothed it out with sandpaper.  Then we just added eye screws to the 2 ends.   When they are all assembled, it makes a perfect wooden dowel rod all the way across and meets the Whistler’s requirements for hanging.  Yea!

Then I unscrewed them so the pieces fit into a 6 x 12 x 18 box.  I think it’s a great solution – hopefully it won’t cause any issues for the hangers at the Whistler.


  1. I like it! What a great solution. Demo coming?

  2. That was quite a challenge, but you did it.

  3. didn't they say "panic is the mother of invention"? Congrats - beautiful quilt!


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