03 March 2010

Frogs find a home at the Monkey

So now The Funky Monkey Cafe & Gallery show is hung up and I think the frog portraits look good as a group. I received a lot of positive feedback from viewers as I was putting them together.   I love being back at the Funky Monkey!  The gallery space is so pretty and nicely lit; it makes anything you hang there look great.  

I made a few changes to the frog portraits right before hanging them.  I sewed each one to fabric and wrapped it over 14" stretcher bars, using a grey and black batik with a subtle leaf pattern on it.FrogWall_blog
Keeping the stretched fabric consistent added a bit of cohesion to the group. Also, as a way of adding interest to the three "weaker" frogs, I hung them on a diagonal. Those guys are growing on me now.
I wasn't ready to ditch any of them and glad I gave them a chance.

Also, the green striped frog was bothering me before, so I added an extra toe on his front foot. Don't ask me why, it just made me feel better.
Anyway, here's how they look on the wall together. (image right) 
I'll continue to do a few more of these because I haven't exhausted my stash of possible frog personalities yet.  

But just as a change of pace, I’m now working on a still life of 2 pears.  It’s a very simple 12x12 composition & I’m timing myself to have it finished within 4 hours.  So far I finished the top and had it ready to quilt in about 90 minutes.  Why have it done in under 4 hours?  I’ll be using it as the demonstration project for the ArtsPlace workshop.  We have 6 hours for the workshop so I’m estimating if it takes me 3-4 hrs, the class will be able to get it done in 6, then they can go home with a finished quilt.

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