21 February 2010

Frog 3 Complete

FROG3_blog It’s the last Sunday of the Challenge, so I’m happy to say I met my goal.  However, now that these 3 are complete, I’m re-thinking if I want to put them in NVCC.  One reason is that I’m not 100% convinced these are working as a group.   There’s not much of a story behind them at this point; I had thought the colors would give them some kind of “life” but I’m not feelin’ it.  Maybe it’s the larger format – the little 5x7s seemed to be more interesting, or maybe I just have color fatigue or something. 

I’d rather continue with this series on my own, to see if something emerges as more frogs come together.  If I can get to that point, I’ll exhibit all of them in my solo show at Funky Monkey.  I have in mind at least one more with the frog facing out, toward the viewer, which might be a good addition to this group & keep the compositions interesting.

I do have 3 alternates in mind for NVCC which are ready to go (Leaf Series 1, 2, 3).  In any case, the Funky Monkey show begins March 1, so that doesn't allow much time to get the series in working order.  Back to the STUDIO!

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