06 February 2010

February’s Quilt-per-Week Challenge: First Update

You may have noticed by the lack of posts that I’ve been in creative slacker-mode for a few months.  In order to kick start my production in the studio, I’ve given myself a new challenge.  (Seems I need to be under a strict deadline in order to stay motivated).  This February, I commit to creating one small art quilt every week.  By small, I mean 12”x12”, ready to frame.  It coincides nicely with the NVCC exhibition “Think Outside the Blocks” opening February 25th.  I should have 3 brand new finished quilts to debut at NVCC.

FROG1blogTomorrow marks the deadline for Quilt #1, so this week’s installment is FROG SERIES II: Purple/Orange.  If you are not completely dazzled by the name, it’s just a working title.  Suggestions for names are welcome.

I’ll be finishing the quilting and edges today and starting on the next one tomorrow.

I had worked in a series of frogs last year - a total of 6 small 5x7 framed quilts - but they have all been sold now.   I realized that those frogs were really fun to make as well as look at.  It seemed like a perfect place to start the challenge.  They are free and colorful with an energy of their own, which I’m hoping to draw from.

For this version of “Frogs”, I'm still going to limit the color pallet but plan to add more detail & quilting and explore a more accurate sense of the frog's markings. When I say accurate, I mean the spots and shapes, not the colors. In fact I'm going to make a conscious effort NOT to represent these frogs' natural color.

Stay tuned for next week’s amphibious portrait.


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