25 February 2010



"Empress" is finished - this chubby little frog looked so bored and pampered the name came easily. I decided to go with a regal color to match her name & personality.

In fact I was SO industrious today that I almost finished the 3rd portrait (or 6th in the series overall). "Sentinel" might just become my new favorite.  I'll admit, I'm having much more fun with the latest ones. And I do love those weird frog toes, can’t help it.

I'm finding that even though I am not as fond of the first 3 in this series, they seem to look better within the whole group. As I add more, I'll decide who will "make the cut" for my solo show. But they might be okay all together, some looking out and others off to the side. We'll see how it all shakes out March 1st.

Too bad for my family - they barely see me except at meal times - and I think my husband is wondering what the heck this obsession with frogs is all about. Well, these manic days won't last much longer. Thursday 2/25 I'm setting up the Fiber Revolution show at NVCC and then Monday 3/1 is the Funky Monkey solo show. After that, I may go back to normal business hours.  Maybe….

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