23 February 2010

Ah HA! More frog toes, that’s the ticket

HypnoBLOGI’ve been asking myself why my recent series of frog mini-quilts was not working.  Then I realized that the reason I didn’t like the results is because the process was flawed.  I wasn’t being true to myself, to my own artistic approach.  I had to admit to myself that I was just using them as convenient shapes, filling them in with vibrant colors.  But that’s a lazy shortcut.   After all, why revisit a series if not to make them better?  Something new should be revealed. 

I decided I need to approach these as I would any larger scale composition.  That meant finding something about the subject that I find beautiful and intriguing.  What is that thing here?… 

Then it came to me.  Those freaky little frog toes!  It’s their toes, along with a frog’s big buggy eyes that I love about them.  My first 3 attempts were not highlighting those features at all.  In some cases, their little feet were completely cropped out.  They seemed more like scientific illustrations only with weird colors.  I should have been treating them as intimate portraits, using the quilting stitches to enhance the image rather than just fill in space.  HypnoBLOGdetail

That was why I had trouble naming them before!  They had no personality.  At this revelation, I gained a new energy and purpose.  This little guy is reaching out with a webbed-fingered foot (or hand?) and looking right out from the frame.  When it was finished, I had the feeling he was casting some kind of spell, which led me to the title “Hypnotist”. 

I have nearly completed the next one too (stay tuned for “Empress”).

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  1. Kate I just love that orange frog! He has such personality. Can't wait to see where this series takes you.
    cheers, Sue


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