19 October 2009

Timeline- Quilt #2 “Founding”

Here is the 2nd installment of the AfAm timeline. It's called "Founding", and represents roughly the 1960’s and 70’s.  Technically, AFAM was founded in 1969 at another location but moved to 211 Park Street (shown here) a year later. But this is the address that everyone associates with the House.  2Founding_blogOver the years students and alumni have grown to love the place, working hard to raise funds to renovate it, restoring the facade and improving the interior facilities.  So I could not have created a panel for this time period without a portrait of the House as its main feature.

Other important events during this time were: the establishment of the Black Church at Yale (BCAY), and the Black Student Alliance at Yale (BSAY), as well as the creation of an African American Studies degree program, the first one of its kind in the Ivy League.



…Not to complain but it's not easy to create a building out of fabric!!!  That was a first for me.  A detail of the building is shown below.

In 1964, Yale admitted fourteen African American students into its degree programs, a record number at the time.  Quilted within the house’s roof walls are the names of these men from the class of 1968, as well as upperclassmen Craig Foster ‘69 and Glenn DeChabert ‘70 (who along with Armstead Robinson ‘68 and Donald Ogilvie ‘68 are considered the House Founders). 

2Foundingdetail_blogI stitched them into the architecture of this fabric House because they provided the foundation for the Black Student Alliance at Yale and the Afro American Cultural Center.


Stay tuned… next up is Quilt 3: A Larger Community

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  1. Congratulations Kate on this important commission. Looking forward to seeing the 7 pieces. Also love the work in your solo exhibition.
    cheers, Sue


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