22 October 2009

Quilt 4: Anniversary


The fourth chronological quilt represents only the year 2009, marking the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the House.

(see image, upper left)

A quote by Kurt Schmoke (class of 1971) in the upper section reads “You are older than we are, and more experienced.  We want guidance from you, moral leadership.  On behalf of my fellow students, I beg you to give it to us.”  Kurt said these words to school administrators nearly 30 years ago, but students today want the same things from their role models.



You may notice a lot of “empty” space in this quilt.  This was intentionally done in order to offer a special opportunity to alumni.  The blank areas are quilted using a coordinating colored thread.  Organizers of the event asked me if there was a way for students and alumni to be part of the timeline in some way.  We worked out an idea for people to sign the last quilt with permanent marking pens.  During Alumni Weekend, students and alumni will sign the quilt and write personal messages or quotes right onto the fabric.


quilt4detailfaceIt’s definitely a first for me, to encouraging people to take a Sharpie marker to my artwork!  But in the end it will be a keepsake for the House and a nice way to mark this special anniversary.  Hopefully I will be able to get a photo of this panel after it has been signed.


The left sections list House Directors, and the phrase “Beneficiaries to Benefactors”.   Graduates are encouraged to give back to the community and to upcoming students. 

(Detail image: close up on one of the graduates)




(Detail image, lower left:  Two African masks, the de facto House Logo.  This image, drawn here with quilt stitching, is prevalent on the House’s website and on many event programs, flyers, etc.).




  1. I love her face!! Do you teach?? And over the net :) I really am inspired by your work. I love the free motion work.

  2. Thank you Jane!
    Yes, I do teach... I'll be offering a one or two day workshop at ArtsPlace in Cheshire, CT this winter and perhaps a longer (7 wk) class in the spring. Thanks for asking :-) Kate


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