20 October 2009

Quilt #3 - “A Larger Community”


Third installment, Quilt 3: “Forming a Larger Community”

This period in AFAM's history was marked by the increasing opposition to Apartheid and a new focus on artistic expression. The largest square depicts the South African flag using silhouettes of people marching in protest.  During this time the House was experiencing a period of increased Social Awareness, Global Identity, Empowerment and inclusion of different ethnicities within the resident groups.  Other important traditions were started during this time as well, such as the Ogilvie, Robinson, DeChabert Leadership Forum – named for 3 of the 4 original founders of the House and Cabaret Weekend – AFAM’s collaboration with Yale’s School of Drama, playwright August Wilson and Director Lloyd Richards.

Next up: the 4th panel in the chronological timeline (Anniversary/ Celebration of Students and Alumni)

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