30 September 2009

Next Challenge – A Celebration of History

Well the NVCC show is up and running and I’m already well into the next project.  I’ve been commissioned to create 7 quilts as a fiber art timeline for Yale University’s Afro-American Cultural Center, otherwise known as AfAm or just “The House”.  Today, three are complete and the fourth is nearly complete. 

Four of the 7 quilts make up the chronological timeline, starting in pre-House history (1800s); the Founding of the House (1960s, 70s), Modern History (1980s – 2008) and the last one dedicated to the 40th Anniversary – highlighting leadership and alumni. 

The remaining three quilts will be a celebration of Resident Groups, past and present.   They are organized into 3 categories: 1.“The Arts”- Theater/Music/Choir/Literature; 2.“Academics & Friendship”- Frats/Sororities/Professional Development/Multi-Ethnic Groups & Support; and 3.“Community Ties”- Literacy/Volunteer/Social Action.  As you might have guessed, this is a very busy house that enriches the lives of people of all races.

The whole collection will be revealed on Alumni Weekend, October 16-18th.   That might explain why I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks.  Every free moment I have is spent working on this important project.   I have to say this is the most ambitious project I’ve ever taken on due to the number of quilts and short deadline.  But I love working on it.  Sometimes I’ll spend 8-10 hours at a stretch, on Saturdays & Sundays (thanks Hubby for babysitting!) and still I feel like I could do even more without getting burnt out. 

However, since the 40th Anniversary of The House is a very special event and this timeline will have personal meaning to many of the alumni, I won’t be posting photos of the finished collection until after they see it.  So even though I’m VERY excited and honored to have been asked to do this, and can’t wait to show them off, I don’t want to preempt the Alumni events by showing the work early. 

Since Yale’s Alumni Weekend is not an open-to-the-public event, there may not be an opportunity for people to see the collection in person.  But I promise to post complete collection photos after October 18th.  Stay tuned!!

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