03 September 2009

Framing up the “Fiber Snapshots” Show

prayer_frameBLOG So far I have one done.  It’s a time consuming process, attaching the quilt to archival backing using tiny invisible stitches to hold it in place.  Then matting & framing…. luckily I don’t have 50 to do.  :-)

I started with “Prayer for Peace”…. just because I really like it and I thought it would look nice with the white mat & black frame.  Normally I wouldn’t use a mat with a framed quilt, but keeping with the photographic style of the show it works.

Reminder:  Fiber Snapshots opens at the Leever Atrium Gallery at Naugatuck Community College (NVCC) on September 25th and runs until November 20th.

NVCC is located at 750 Chase Parkway / Waterbury CT / 06708


  1. Good for you, Kate. We are looking forward to seeing you next week and I'm hoping to see first hand your latest work. The pics have been wonderful.

    Thanks, too, comments and observations on my latest post. They are always welcomed.

  2. Hi Kate - this is a gorgeous piece and the framing is really effective with it. Nice!

    I'm about to start framing - or stretching - my work as well and it's a learning curve working out ways to attach that won't harm the work or make the whole thing too unwieldy. And, as you say, often slow and painstaking!

    Fi Bowman
    @fibowman on Twitter


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