24 August 2009

Finished: Welder

It was hard to photograph this one because of the metallic thread. Some of the sparkle is getting lost with the flash. But it's a little easier to see the stitching in the detail shot (hopefully). This may be my last one since the show will start in September.

This week I've started work on a new commission project. This one is pretty enormous, 9 individual quilts due in mid-October. No signs of things slowing down until then, so I'll still be working on overdrive.

I'm still struggling with a name for the "Challenge" collection, and I really need to settle on something so I can get promotional postcards in time. I think I like the idea of Snapshots in Time... but is there a more exciting way of putting it?

The concept is definitely taking shape as little snapshots, or moments in time, etc. They illustrate a moment captured or frozen... Not sure how to describe the collection.
Need help... Comments are welcome!

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