05 July 2009

New Work: Prayer for Peace

It was a productive weekend; I was able to finish this one in two (long) days. Prayer for Peace was inspired by a Bahai prayer, which is sewn into the quilt by free-motion stitching. (detail photo below)

An excerpt reads:

"O Thou kind Lord! Unite all. Let the religions agree and make the nations one, so that they may see each other as one family and the whole earth as one home. May they all live together in perfect harmony.
O God! Raise aloft the banner of the oneness of mankind.
O God! Establish the Most Great Peace.
Cement Thou, O God, the hearts together." ~Abdu'l Baha'


Depending on your monitor, the stitching may be hard to see. I used white thread on a white background. The words are not meant to be "in your face", the first thing you see. They can't even be detected from a distance. Instead, the prayer can only be seen if you get up close, and still it's only a whisper.

The image of the person is based on a portrait photo by Marcello Goretti

This quilt is part of the 2009 Blogger’s Quilt Festivalsidebarlogo


  1. Kate - I was looking over your recent works and love that although they are very different I can still see your voice come through! Although I enjoyed them all, this last piece is very touching - its so visually clear and profound! Just lovely!

  2. Kate -- Thank you for you comment on my blog. I've been following your progress on the SAQA Wiki, and even though I don't always leave a note, I'm so excited for your progress towards your goal. You have an amazing talent and tremendous energy -- I'm cheering you on!


  3. Kate, this piece is amazing! I haven't been to your blog before, but now see that I'm going to have to check it often.

  4. Oh wow! This is just stunning. Amazing! I can't believe how long this must have taken you. And the quilting is fantastic!

  5. Amazing! Love the design and the quilting. You are one talented lady! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Your quilt is beautiful! The quilting is fabulous!

  7. Your piece is beautiful and nicely done.

  8. Admiration and fascinates beautiful creation ,
    Marika Hungary

  9. Stunning!

    The quilting is gorgeous.

  10. Beautiful sentiment and prayer. Your art is glorious.

  11. This quilt is stunning. Just wondeful. Sharon

  12. that is amazing, I've never seen anything like that. Beautiful!!

  13. A very moving piece of art. Love it

  14. Gorgeous! LOVE this whole idea and the way you executed it. The 'whisper' of a prayer is pure magic. Thank youfor sharing this! : )

  15. Just wanted to let you know I've posted your quilt on my blog, The Handmade Experiment in a favorites list from the Park City Girl Quilt Festival.
    Thanks and great quilt!



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