02 July 2009

New Work: Tigershark

This lovely creature was captured on film by Chuck Babbitt (used with his permission). I used Chuck's photo as a guide while creating this new composition. Although I've never seen or touched a real live shark, I do have a healthy respect for them and prefer to encounter them on fabric instead of in the ocean.
Tigershark is constructed entirely of hand-dyed cotton and thread with the exception of a layer of tulle over the shark's body. Tulle is a very fine acrylic mesh or netting. It keeps the small pieces of fabric lying nice and flat and also has (what I imagine is) a kind of "shark skin" texture.

See the original inspiration for Tigershark and other examples of Chuck Babbitt's photos here:
Image Pro: Chuck Babbitt Photography

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  1. Love this one Kate. I also love the one with Grayson. Nice blog. I now subscribe!

    Jeff Wolfsberg


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