08 June 2009

Side Tracked

Why is it that whenever I have a block of time to "work" I find myself fresh out of ideas? I was suffering from a bout of "Quilter's Block" pardon the pun.
Luckily I am teaching my class tomorrow, the last one in a 5-week series on portraits in fabric.
Just for a fun project we are doing cartoony self-portraits. I asked my students to think about something that is clearly identifiable either in their personality or their physical appearance. The idea is to exaggerate that and come up with a design to poke fun at ourselves.
So here's mine. A few days ago I had my hair "high-lighted". I'm sure many of you ladies know what I mean by this: the process of lightening your hair is more of an art than a science. The strength of the chemicals, the length of time you leave them in, the original color of your hair and its Ph level or whatever.... You never know how it's working until they take those foily things out.
Normally I like surprises but this time YIKES! They're a little bright, you might say. I'm sure they'll tone down over time or at least it will eventually grow out. But for now I have brown hair with electric orange-yellow streaks around my face. Being very pale in complexion, I'm not sure this is really working for me. Anyway, every time I do a double take in the mirror it just makes me laugh.
I entitled my self portrait "It's just HAIR". More of a reminder to myself to stop taking everything so seriously. And it's also a way to stop myself from just grabbing the scissors chopping my hair off as I am tempted to do sometimes. :-)


  1. I love this self portrait. It's like you might be hiding behind the scissors or you are just using them and someone caught you at a playful moment. Anyway, it make me pause and think, then smile.

  2. What a clever idea. I love it! Funny coincidence, but a couple of years ago I did a self portrait for Quilting Arts Magazine and I called it "It's All About the Hair" My portrait had many shades of blonde hair. It didn't make the magazine, but I like it and keep it up on my studio wall.


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