21 June 2009

New Work: Just for the Fun of it

This composition is based on a photo that my brother took back in 2000. He snapped the picture as my son was spinning around in an office chair & laughing. I'll never forget that day because we were all at my mom's house after the sudden death of my father. My sweet 4 year old boy was a welcome distraction. His screams & laughter caught on and pretty soon we were all giggling.


  1. So he's 13 now...and perhaps not so sweet? ;-) Mine is 24 now. I remember the sweetness...and even in manhood, it comes through from time to time. Enjoy and savour!


    P.S. You do *stunning* photographic interpretation!

  2. Thank you so much for the compliments on my work. Also, regarding my 13 year old being sweet or not… I can’t tell because I hardly ever see him! :-)


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