12 June 2009

Creative Challenge Update: HoneyBee

My mom was generous enough to visit (and babysit) for a couple days this week, leaving me time to work in the studio. I'm so grateful to her for the uninterrupted time, I'm considering naming this bee after her. :-)
Thank you Mom!!
I really like how the bee turned out; I was trying to achieve a fuzzy look with the stitching. The hand-dyed colors work well for the flowers and I like how the stamens are intertwined with the bee's legs. Still... I'm just not sure if these two images work together or compete with each other. I can't shake the feeling of "is this about the bee or the flowers?"
I'm working on different colors of binding to see if a small frame around it would unify the design. Anyway, I'll leave that for now. After a few weeks I'll take another look and see if I get a different impression.

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