30 May 2009

Creative Challenge

This fall, a solo exhibition of my quilted artwork will be on display at the Leever Atrium Gallery (part of Naugatuck Valley Community College). My goal is to have 12 to 15 completely new quilts by then... which means I'll be putting the creative process into high gear for the next few months!
The show begins September 25th 2009. That gives me roughly 16 weeks to create an entire collection. I have one 'mostly' done so far. (See photo, left)
I haven't done the binding or hanging mechanism on the back. But I usually leave that stuff until the last minute.
SO here's the challenge: I want to get a new 15x20 quilt finished about every week to 10 days. The Challenge Begins NOW
Check back to see my progress...
Note: "Woman" was based on a photo by Wojtek Dziedzic, used with his permission. The original photo can be seen on Mr. Dziedzic's portfolio on

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